Autumn Blaze Bassets

  Canadian Kennel Club Registered  

Litters ( subject to change )

We are in the process of planning our 2021 litters.  Because breedings do not always take and heat cycles vary, the dates of these breeding can be off, and are just a mere suggestion of our breeding plans.  From the beginning of heat to puppies being ready to go home is roughly 5 months


Any news on these litters will be posted on this page.  Confirmation on the sucess of the breeding will also be posted under each litter.  Please be patient, we do not ultrasound / xray until the girls are over 45 days to get a positive confirmation that the girls are pregnant.


Planned litters for 2021

Both Maui and Jackie will be bred on their next heats in late winter and early spring 2021

A waiting list has been started